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Apparel and Fashion Accessory Product Line Photography


Payment acknowledges understanding of and agreement to the following Terms of Service:

Client acknowledges that Frank Illes is the sole owner of all copyrights to all images created by Frank Illes.

Pricing includes certain specific image use licensing, as granted by Frank Illes.

Unauthorized usages of any images created by Frank Illes will result in fines of at least $30,000 per image per use.

Full payment of all setup fees invoiced must be received in advance of shoot.

Full payment of all per-image fees required prior to final delivery and release of images to client.

No personal checks

Payments are non-refundable.

Quotes provided by FYI mediaworld Photographic are valid for 5 business days after receipt. Quote must be approved and signed within this time period to guarantee price and shoot date.

Accepted forms of payment: Cash, money orders, cashier's checks, PayPal, and all major credit cards

Payment plans are offered and must be negotiated with FYI mediaworld Photographic in advance of shoot.

Setup fees are billed per job number. Job numbers are assigned to shipments of product at the time and in the order that they are received at the studio and in groups of up to 50 product units per shipment, maximum. Any shipment of product containing more than 50 product units will be assigned multiple job numbers as per product unit volume and billed accordingly.

Unless otherwise agreed to in advance with the client, work begins after job numbers are assigned, invoiced, and payment is received in full.

Any requests by the client to delay the start of work on a shipment already received at our studio will be subject to a storage fee of $70.65 per day until the job is started.

Client is to provide the product shot list detailing shoot guidelines regarding the product styling and number of images to be created.

Requesting the photographer's creative discretion regarding product styling and/or the number of unique images to be created will incur a creative fee of $5 per image file created for review, in addition to all other charges, which will be billed on the per image invoice.

Additional styling is defined as:
· any manipulation of a product and a product's components in a purely decorative manner and which is not normal for use in order to create an image,
· any manipulation of a product and a product's components to illustrate functions that are not easily visible in the product's normally presented state,
· any additional components required in the frame with the product to create the image,
· any lighting scheme, stage set change or camera angle change required to create an image that is not consistent with the majority of the images created.

Requests by the client for any product and/or image file re-shoot, or to request new, additional photos to be created that were not detailed on the initial shot list, for any reason, will be assigned a new job number and billed at the standard setup rates. If you are not sure how you want your product shot and want to avoid additional setup fees, it is always best to include multiple, detailed perspectives in the initial shot list.

Per image processing fees include color correction, image sharpening, surface detailing, and Alpha channel/clipping path creation

Any other type of post-production work/image file manipulation is charged at $100 per image. Post-production test images requested by the client are billed as stated here.

Per image processing fees are billed when the image file order list is received from the client. The full amount of the invoice is due upon receipt by the client and prior to the start of image processing work.

If a min. of 25% of all image files created for client review purposes are not purchased, a service fee of $2 per image file created for review will be charged in addition to all other charges.

Our studio operates production during an 8-hour day, Mon. to Fri. These are our normal business hours. Your project will be worked on and delivered during that time. Customer requests that require our studio to work on jobs outside of our normal business hours, such as working overtime, on weekends or on holidays, are automatically charged double, no exceptions made and no refunds.

FYI mediaworld Photographic - full service fashion photography.

From top-hats to toe-rings, and everything in between. Our specialty is fashion.

Our focus is on helping you present your apparel and fashion accessories to the consumer in the most desirable and saleable way possible.
Our mission is to deliver top-quality photographs to you that exceed industry standards, in a style proven to effectively drive sales.

Simply, first we make it good, then we make it special.

Email us today and talk to us about what you need done. We'll make it happen - on time and on budget.


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FYI mediaworld Photographic, professional apparel, garment, fashion accessory product photography, Las Vegas, Nevada